Firesong is a collection of poems from the pen of Sinéad McAteer


It is with great delight and some amazement that I present these little pieces from my heart. This book is my way of honouring my journey so far. It is a celebration, and a ceremonial blessing and farewell to some events in my life.

Most of these poems were written over the past 7 months. This year also marks the end of a 7 year cycle for me; a time of great awakening, transformation, chaos, growth and growing pains, with lots of incredibly illumined and colourful days and moments.

I have done my best to stay faithful to the integrity of each poem as it came to me. As the writing evolved I found myself in the middle of a deep and transformative process, and at times a tough one. It called me to face the raw edges of my life and stay, looking my experience right in the eye.  Continuing with the writing, then, became a kind of act of devotion to myself: to go deeply within, to listen when it was hard to listen, to walk with myself and just stay with it. It’s been a healing time. In finding myself at the bottom of my own well, I also found a simple humanity, my connection to myself and to all other human beings.

I offer you these poems and I hope you feel a sense of connection to me while you read. May you enjoy, be inspired, and maybe even see yourself reflected in a few words here and there.

Sinéad McAteer

May 2011