web_sinead_3bw.jpgSinéad is an Irish Polarity Therapist and writer. She has written and been published widely on the subject of whole-person healing. She enjoys exploring spiritual traditions from around the world and has a growing interest in Shamanism. Dance is another of Sinéad’s great passions, and she is currently taking an MA in Ethnochoreology at the University of Limerick.

Poetry is one of my great loves. For me, it is a window into the mysteries of life. Poems have the power to take me so deep and high at the same time. They seem to travel seamlessly through the ether right into the earth and out again, embracing every part of human life. Reading and writing poetry helps me to simultaneously ground and transcend, honouring the mundane, the paradoxical, and all the unanswered questions we live with and through.

Photograph by Maurice Gunning